Tuesday, November 27, 2012

eye makeup

   Not-So-Natural Eye Make up

I would say so-so natural.. It just happened that I get bored when I think I did natural eyes and end up smoking it. GREAATT.... well.. natural smokey then?!. 

I created this look from Sleek "Storm" Palette that I bought a few days ago. I am officially in love with Sleek palette. Why? It is so pigmented, and creamy like texture, I don't need a primer to make it stand out~ How awesome! 

Of course, only for this purpose and I don't go anywhere. If I were going out, I'll definitely wear primer underneath. 

To make it more lazy natural smokey eye look, I just skip mascara. It was awkward at first but it turns out alright. ^_^ 


1. U must have an eye. So prep it and it better be clean. I am not responsible for any damages on your eyes. 

 2. Add lighter color half of your lid and another half a bit darker color. 

 3. Line your eyes with eyeliner. I am using Kajal by Miss Rose. 

 4. Smudge it outward....... 

5. You're done~! yay! 


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