Thursday, October 04, 2012


Halloween Everyday.

Halloween month is here! I personally love Halloween. ^_^ We don't celebrate it here in Malaysia but it is fun to see Halloween costumes and such. If you don't have any more ideas of what to be this year, Pirate ... last 10 years? Sexy Kitty... Every year since high schools? It reminds me of a quotes saying Halloween is the holiday that girls are given the permissions to dress up as slutty as they can. Blame Pinterest for this! ^_^

So if you want to add up your collection of dolls, why don't you become one? This is what happen to obsession of dolls and perfections. Plus, give you inspiration for Halloween.

She is very famous teen in Ukraine who look like a real life anime.  Anatasia Shpagina. I admit, she have nice make up though...It really transform her 360 degrees ^_^ That what make up are for! 

I love this kind of transformation. it is nice to see your face in new perspective once in a while. Then again, 
too much transformation makes me afraid to lose who I really am. Perhaps people are searching to be who they really are with all these make up......?

Being yourself and being honest with yourself is by far the easiest thing to say but the hardest thing to achieve. That what makes us human..

So pick up those liners, and try to change your face ^_^ 

Have a great day !

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