Wednesday, September 05, 2012

LIfe is Funny

Cha Koi and Hair 

Morning, people! hmm.. well.. I am pretty much going to sleep soon after but I have to type this down right at this very moment, before my short term memory loss hitting me as I found it very funny. If you are wondering what is connection with Cha Koi and Hair and if you are wondering what in the hell is Cha Koi, well, let me show you rather than explaining to you.....

 (pic credit: Be Indulged)

The connection between this lovely Chinese bread who often eat it with porridge is that the person who sells this to me just commenting on how dry is my hair and should I use cream and serum or mousse. Am I offended by it? I was at the beginning, as I was there looking all drooling, coming back from work look and tired as hell thinking "bitch, I want my RM2 Cha Koi and you gave me an advice on hair?!!! Keep rolling that dough before I rolled your head into it". Soon after I got my Cha Koi, I am a happy kitten, licking that big Cha Koi up and down (ok, I have to stop there. See, I know I am 30 when I can't control my vulgar words anymore). and I found that it is funny and appreciate the thought that she actually took her sweet time commenting on my hair, somebody did care about my hair after all. Thank you, thank you, stranger who sells Big fat Cha Koi. I am good when my tummy is full of good food.

So would you be pissed if some random stranger said that or did it happen to you? 

Have a fun Wednesday!!! Kiss! Kiss!! 



  1. what do u mean u know you're 30? you're not a day over 18!!! :)) don't worry about that crazy lady, sometimes ppl who sell food on the street have nothing better to do than comment on other ppl...

  2. ShareenaShaharruddinSeptember 19, 2012 at 5:52 PM

    Thanks, Maryam! (slowing packing away my botox injection) hehehehhe... I think she was too bored selling those Cha Koi... she needs an entertainment to kill time.. :D


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