Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Jolyn Angeline Brushes 

Hello there! I hope you have a great shiny day ( it's raining here), this is my review on my new brushes..... 

She is a local Malaysian make up artist with her name on a brush. I can assure you she can be
proud of her brushes as it is good brush and cheap too! Such a bargain.
It was worth the wait as usually when I ordered stuff from online, it arrived next day or 2 days after
but this brushes makes me wait for 12 days. I was beginning to feel irritated but it is worth the wait. 

I've ordered 41- Pencil Brush, 42- Slant brush, 43 creasing brush and kabuki brush.
My favorite have to be pencil brush. I love pencil brushes. I lost my pencil brush before and
having it again is such a joy! ^_^

All of these brushes are very soft and fluffy. It is great for picking up colors.  

I've used only these brushes on my experimental look and I guess I don't need more brushes
when I have these brushes!

Oh yes, she gave a fake lashes too though I don't use that kind of fake lashes but
you never know when you need it!

This is her website on FB (http://www.facebook.com/jolynangeline)  and Low Yatt forum. ( http://forum.lowyat.net/topic/2109880


  1. I love your eye looks!!! this one is so soft and pretty :)) p. s. you have cat shaped eyes!!!

  2. They look like very good brushes! They blended your eye-shadow so well! Very pretty look, Shareena!


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