Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Midnight Bakula from The Body Shop

 Eau De Toilette 

This is my second post on perfume and I admit I am at loss of words to review perfume simply because I don't use much and tend to forget whenever my ass already out of the door and I am too lazy to go back for perfume session. 
I do love people who smells nice, who doesn't? In city like KL, humid and sometimes very melting warm, it hard for perfume to stick on you. 

Move on to this perfume... 
I bought this before my colleagues and I went to Langkawi at The Body Shop, Air Asia Terminal Airport. It is odd because where I was going, I can pretty much find better deals at Duty-Free shops in Langkawi but I could not resist after The Body Shop have clearance sales and this perfume is half the price from RM100. 

The price isn't the reason I bought this, I bought this because it smells so good! I love love the smell. Though my sis told me it smells like a men perfume at first....but it fades to have a lovely soft smells afterwards.. 

I guess because of the strong smell... It has very strong smell and musky too... I am preetty sure it is women perfume or perhaps it is androgynous and unisex perfume! :) 



  1. this perfume is one of my favorite of bodyshop perfume line! can't get enough of's been a while since your last posting eh?:)

  2. ShareenaShaharruddinJune 24, 2012 at 2:46 AM

    me too! :) yes it is been awhile since my last post.... :) crawling back in ...


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