Monday, June 18, 2012

Hair Story : 

 L'oreal Smooth Intense Serum 


It's been awhile eh?
I am slowly crawling back and too clueless of what to update. Well, you have to start somewhere ( my procrastinate mind talking to me)
When I first found L'oreal Studio Power Creme at Parkson, Alamanda Putrajaya, I was ecstatic, happy to write away review without knowing that would be my last encounter with that creme. :( 
I could not found it anywhere in KL or Alamanda, so I am again searching for serum to tame my curls. 
I took a risk and have another L'oreal product which is Smooth-Intense Anti -Frizz Serum Leave-In and the result is..... 

It does tame my curls very well and it gives a shine too. 

I am happy that I  found some product that I hope it will stay longer on the retail shelves. 
It have a very nice smell and the trick with any serum I used, I just used it on damp hair, never on dry hair because in my experience whenever I put something on my dry hair, my scalp get itchy. 
Not NICE. 
Price is roughly under RM 30 and you can get at any retail store. Goodie! :) NO More Meesssy  Undefine Curls! 



                                                                     Have a nice day!

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