Monday, June 25, 2012

Daiso RM5 nail polish in Sheer Pink.

Winmax New York 

Hello! How was your weekend? Mine is ok.. I've been attack by Flu Virus.... :( now writing with full of tissues paper laying around...  Anyway.... since I don't feel much better.. doing nail polish is good activity to fill.. so I rediscover this nail polish I bought a few months ago and wearing it again.. give it a try as I stopped wearing it because it is soooooo sheer... I hate that in nail polish but it did changed my mind. It looks rather "natural"and I like it ..( i think because of the flu). It is only RM 5 and if I want more opaque color, I have to do second coat or third but too many coats in nail polish end up disastrous. Two will do. :) 

 First coat

Second Coat

Have a greeaatt day!

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