Tuesday, November 22, 2011


 14 Random Questionnaire

I am in a mood of answering some random questions so here it is, with pictures so it can be picture-naire instead? ^_^

1. Theater or cinema? Why?
Cinema. Theater is just not my thing.

I love the feeling of good movie ^_^

 Of course, some loving in cinema

2. If you had to choose whether to invest your money into a great concert or some kind of commodity, which one would you choose? 

Invest on good skin care, hair and make up.

3. The most memorable concert you've ever attended?

Flow Festival, Helsinki 2009 

 Plus: Roots Manuva 


4. A movie or tv-series that always cheers you up? 

CHI !!!
photo: chi
5. Nightstand book of the moment?

It is heavy reading thus it made me sleep much faster. ^_^ not at all boring instead it really gets into my dream and be in that book. Does it make sense? 

photo: Brida

6. A Movie that you last saw?

I want to see Gods fight not Theseus. Sorry, but his war speech is not great. 

7. How much do you follow trends?

Not much. Clueless.

8. Something that has been a hobby of yours for a long time

Daydreaming. ^_^


9. A drink that goes with a cozy evening? 


and TOAST ...anytime..and everytime 

10. Do you laugh a lot? 

hmm.. I made people laugh so no, I don't laugh that much. 

11. If you could choose a decade to live in which one would it be? Why?


and simpler games.

12. Is there a TV-show you watch regularly? If so, which one?

CSI LAS VEGAS all the way! 


they only have 3 episodes for this year, next year will be another 3. One episode is an hour and half, so I don't know if it's count as TV series but I watch it again and again. Sherlock is forever a brilliant detective and of course  
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle!

13. Would you prefer a lying-on-the-beach-vacation or a vacation full of sightseeing? 


14. An idealistic climate for you?

Tough question. I've experience -20 and 30 degree in different countries. I would prefer in the middle? if there any... ^_^

All images are from weheartit, otherwise mentioned.

I tag all of you!

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