Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Nail Arts

Gradient or Ombre Nail Art

I have a hard time doing this nail art. For some people it is pretty easy but perhaps I am over think it OR over doing it.My previous attempts were unsatisfactory but I gave it a try again today and I am pretty pleased with the result. yay! ^_^

 This is my crews for making this happen.Thank you guys.

I only used normal foundation sponge and if I did it without patting lightly on some paper, some of sponge can actually left stain on my nail.**pissed** so I was very patience and it paid off! ^_^

I was pleased with the results and yes, that's my phone and I do not have BlackBerry nor Iphone until this phone is crush into bits and pieces then I will consider to buy a new ones- ^_^I'm that in love with this Nokia.

Up close

Have a nice Tuesday, darlings! 


  1. looovely gradient my darling!!! way to go!!!

  2. @Maryam: Thanks, sweetie! it is always fun to see my own nails so pretty! ^_^


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