Wednesday, October 26, 2011


It is almost Halloween and I got this idea from about Beauty Nightmares!

Some dreams are do not make any sense, scary and downright bizzarre. I am sure you girls have one too.^_^
Of course, some of this list I do dream about it for real but the main point is, this is MY nightmare beauty.

(photo: I wish I am this pretty when I scream)

1. Dreamed about waking up my face with full big zits, I mean real big chunks of zits.

2. My hair is keep growing until I become Ms. cousin It.

3. My skin is dry dry dry until it peels! yikes!

4. My fake lashes drop and I don't realise it.

5. My hair is beautiful, bouncy and shiny until someone shave it off!!

6. My skin melts because of my foundations!

7. I can't remove my lipstick and I hate those colors!

8. My boyfriend wears my make up.

What is your Beauty Nightmares?

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have a great wednesday, sweeties!


  1. I love the photo! :) Hmmm I'd agree with the zit one!

  2. @ Vintage: So do I! ^_^ yeah.. I think zit one are pretty much every girls nightmare!


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