Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Smokey Brown

My apology for being Missing IN Action.I was having so much fun ( there is some sarcasm tone in there somewhere) in Kuching and went around relatives houses makes me feels exhausted and blog is last thing on my mind.

So, I wore this look last day of my vacation in Sarawak. I was rocking smokey eyes throughout my trip, because I feel like it and I have quite limited amount of make up with me... as much as I am a fussy girl, I like to keep it light when it comes to travel.

It is quite simple really, just blend your heart out! ^_^ Copper, gold and black. It will look stunning on every one! ^_^

Have a nice day, sweetie!!


  1. @Amy: Thanks, darl!

    @Maryam: Thanks, sweetie!

  2. Very pretty, love this look. The gold peeking through is so attractive.

  3. @Vintage Makeup: Thanks, sweetie! ^_^

    @JTwisdom: Thanks for compliment *blush*


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