Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Nail Art: Attack of Paint!

Again, I am in love with CutePolish another idea. Here it is.

This is my version. ^_^



Polish that I was using...


Let me introduce you, from left: Wild & Crazy "Chunky Chow", Wild & Crazy "Colorado Springs", Models Own "Top Turquoise" and lastly Rimmel "Lemon Drop". ^_^

Have fun!!


  1. YOU DID A GREAT job! It's really cute :)

  2. I LOOOOVE your version!!! you are so fearless with everything that you create!!! Go girl!!!

  3. @vintage Makeup: Thanks, sweetie! *blush*

    @Maryam: Thanks, sweetie. you are fearless too..**roaarr** ^_^

  4. Wow. I'm loving the nails!!I've never seen them done like b4. Too cute!!!:-]

  5. Wow those nails are awesome great job so talented

  6. wow you did a fab job with the nails, it looks so fun!

  7. ahhhh stop being too utterly fabulous with creativity, how can i not fall in loveeee sweetheart <3

  8. You are so dang talented! Can you please just do this for me? I can barely paint my nails one color, let alone 4! : ) Do you have a favorite polish brand?

  9. i can't see your update until the hey hey hey post :/ but anyway sorry for being late. thank u for sharing the video! i wouldn't have come across it,and you did such a good job on yours.

  10. @Bonita: Thanks, sweetie! Try it! I'm sure you can't stop looking at your own nails like I did! ^_^

    @Curves Ahead: Thanks, Sweetie! you always been such a sweetheart.

    @Pop Champagne: Thanks. sweetie! it is so fun, my neighbor daughter asked me to do it for her and she's like 6 years old! heheh

    @Yeliz: Oh dear, I can't help it that you fell in love with my creativity....heheh Thanks, sweetie!

    @An Irish Italian: Thanks, Hot mama! I would love to do it for you personally! It would be so much fun! Don't worry, I do it for free! My fav nail polish would be Model's Own and Wild & Crazy!

    @BreakingRumors: Thanks, sweetie! Try it! so easy !


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