Saturday, August 13, 2011

Face of The Day @ Idea for Aidilfitri celebration Make up!

This is my make up a few days back.^_^ It has been a while I didn't post about making my face up.
So I have a free day to play with make up! I don't know what color will be my baju kurung.

What is Baju Kurung?

It is a traditional female clothes from Malaysia, Brunei and it can be found worn by South East Asian countries.

(photo credit: Sexy version of Baju Kurung @ known as Baju Kebaya)

(photo credit: Baju Kurung Light Blue)

Now the make up,


Etude Primer
Wet & Wild Greed palette (Brule as base color)

(photo credit: LobsterFace )

pink and a bit of purple though in this picture, purple dominate the pink! BAD Purple! ^_^

(above crease)

H&M Solid Black kohl (tighliner for upper lid only)
Fake lashes


Lumene Primer
Lumene Time Freeze (20-Almond)
Wet & Wild Pressed Powder


SilkyGirl Lipgloss


  1. you look wonderful darling!!! the clothes are beautiful too :))

  2. okayy so you just about leave the most down to earth beautiful comments love. Can i thank you enough for your support always? THANK YOUUU HONEY!!!! and give me some of your artistry skills PLEASE!!!!!!<3 <3

  3. you look awesome and I always love looking at those types of traditional clothing, I have such appreciation for the details on them!

  4. @Yeliz: Your most utterly welcome! I will always support you!! ^__^

    @Pop Champagne: Thank you, sweetie!


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