Sunday, June 12, 2011

White In A Hot Day

What a hot day! Seriously, I am sweating on my armpits and it ain't pretty. ok, I know it eww to talk about it. Seriously it is really hot here. Anyway, I am still here, because my flight being postponed until end of the month. *Bummer*

Well, I have no time to be sad, it is a beautiful summer and I can wear my favorite white short. ^__^. Though I always have been very careful wearing anything white because it is easy to look dirty.

What is your color for summer?

Short: Abercrombie and Fitch

Top: Top Shop

Cardigan : Gina Tricot ( I got this from thrift store! lucky!)


  1. Cute combo!

  2. where are you going? ^_^

    lol it was like STORMING over here! haha just for an hour. But the thunder was so loud that it actually scared me O_O XD

    I adore your white pants+ belt. I wish I could wear something like that >< (high waist pants look hilarious on me T_T)

  3. Looking totally cute!
    I'm such a huge buttercup yellow fan. Thats my fav color for summer and winter

  4. Such a cute outfit. My favorite summer color is yellow, as Rebecca said. Anything bright and airy will do just fine, though.

  5. You look so cute Shareena!! Sorry to hear about your flight.:(

  6. sweetheart your comments are always such a dream, you are seriously too beautiful and definitely well done for making me lol with the martha stewart comment heheheh!!! so lovely darling the shorts are fab on youuu xxxx

  7. @Vintage Makeup: Thank you!

    @Precious: Thank you!

    @Frances: I supposed to be at Malaysia by now but my flight been delayed.:( storm? I am afraid of storm... there is weather forecasting today, it will be big thunder storm tomorrow :( I am sure you will look cute with anything you wear.. ^__^

    @Rebecca: Thank you! yellow butter cup. I like yellow too..even the name are cute! ^__^

    @Jhan: Thank you. I think yellow pretty much color of summer..

    @Ati: Thank you ^__^

    @Red Lips: Thank you ..^__^

    @Yeliz: Thank you! I love the short too. It is always been my pleasure to visit your lovely blog and comment on it...

  8. I love your white shorts, they look so pretty on you :) I hope you find the Hello Kitty quad and that you like it. I bought a palette by H&M years ago and it not good but now its like they have stepped up their game. I feel like their makeup is much better now :)

    Love Christine ♥


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