Thursday, June 09, 2011

Face massage


It's been awhile. Sorry! I was totally busy packing stuff away so I don't forget anything and even in packing I can be anxious. What to take?!! Do I need this?!! What is this for again?! *ugh!*

With all that stress,I want to pamper myself by doing facial massage.

I love facial massage. Who doesn't? It is nicer when somebody do it for us. ^__^ but not all can afford that luxury so I might as well give myself a massage.

Just follow this video from Hisako Tanaka and she will show how to do your own massage. Obviously I am jealous of the women in that video. How lucky! If I was her, I would probably fall asleep! ^__^

It's a bit longer but I think it is worth of knowledge.

Happy Massaging! ^__^


  1. Cooool! I will try this when I put on my moisturizer tonight! :) Thanks for posting!

    PS...BOUT TIME YOU POSTED, I was wondering if wolves took you or something. :P

  2. Hope your back to blogging soon! :)

  3. @Red Lips: Thanks! No wolves wants me.. you meant Jacob "Twilight" ? Oh yes, I'll let him take me ...hehehe ^__^

    @Vintage: Yes of course! ^__^

  4. oohhh that sounds fabulous! I'm going to have to try this.

  5. really intresting!! :) i've become your follower!

  6. Hello, hello!!
    I am going to get rid of my blog Just for Girls (I don't know if you know it) and I've created a new one!!
    Please follow and comment!!!
    I can't say "I am following" because the account is still the same so... I still follow you!!
    Alice Dias

  7. omg omg omg i could sooo use one right now!!!

  8. @Ginger: happy massaging! ^__^

    @Stefania: Welcome! *hug*

    @Alice: cute blog you have! keep it up! ^__^

    @Maryam: me too! every day... ehhee ^__^

  9. cool video! i definitely need to do these facial massages.

  10. @Oh To Be A Muse: You should! It is very nice and oddly I do feel my skin a bit tighter or it just my imagination.. ^__^


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