Friday, June 03, 2011

Awards Time!

Thank you, Red Lips Black Hair!

Thank you , Charlotte!

yay! I've got an award again! I am so flattered. It is the same award with different fonts. ^__^ My lovely readers keeps me keep blogging! Thank you so much again, Red Lips and Charlotte! *flying kisses!!

I'll nominate everyone! ^__^ because I don't discover any new blogger now .. sorry! I am a very loyal reader, perhaps. ^__^

7 facts about me (now)

1. I hate soda or anything gassy like Pepsi or Coke because I will burp like a man.

2. My favorite color currently is purple. Metallic purple. ^_^

3. I am a bad shopper because when I shop, I wrote a list what I need but when I see something with much better deal, I will be so anxious I will end up not buying anything at all. Sales is worse for me.

4. I am sick of chocolate now. I know it's crazy talk but that's the truth.

5. I hate to work out but I know it is the only way to keep fit.

6. I love packing, but I hate unpacking.

7. Next week, I will board the plane and going back to Malaysia. So, I will be blogging from Kuala Lumpur and I couldn't wait to show you around! ^__^


  1. OMG Malaysia! NICE!
    I am starting to have this thing for purple too...Like that deep royal purple makes my heart melt.

  2. @I'm Just The MOM: Thanks! I don't usually have favorite color but purple looks very beautiful to my eyes now.. ^_^ It does makes your heart melt!

  3. ahahahah oh lovely your comment just made my morning!!
    My friends would absolutely think i was insane don't you worry it's so true!!!
    always have ALWAYS will!!!

  4. Haha to #3 - I do the same thing!! Shopping anxiety is the worst!

    And I can't wait for you to show us all around Kuala Lumpur!

    So What If I Like Pretty Things

  5. @Yeliz: haha! good good... though I am sure you can pose better than that model..^__^

    @Marie: I have hate love thing with shopping.. ^__^

    @Vintage Makeup: Thank you!

  6. LOL@ burp like a man. You don't like chocolate anymore?? I'm finding out about all these people not liking chocolate...And it hurts! :( :P

  7. @Red Lips: I won't be swearing off chocolate all together. I ate them too much and now I want to eat something more cinnamon-y.. ^__^ my love for chocolate is always there.. ^__^

  8. @breakingrumours: yes I am! ^___^ saya orang Malaysia...

  9. @Maryam: Yes I am.. ^___^ born and raise. ^__^

  10. that's just like me. i also love to pack but hate unpacking. congrats on your blog award Shareena!

  11. Congrats on your awards! Malaysia is going to be amazing!! Can't wait to hear all about your trip!

  12. @Oh To be a Muse: Thank you. yeah, such a drag to unpack!

    @An Irish Italian: Thank you!! ^_^

  13. Can't wait to see some Malaysian pics!:D


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