Monday, May 02, 2011

Review: Wild & Crazy Nail Polish - w 24 RED

The only reason I bought this because I wanted to do Lady Bug nail art. ^_^ I don't have much of nail polishes so I just bought this color for that purpose. I am probably not going to wear this alone but it is nice to do some nail art with it.

It cost like 2,95€ at Seppälä and I really like how fast it dries and the color is very vivid though the texture of this nail polish is rather runny almost watery.

Overall, it is great product and I would probably would buy more colors. They really do have wild colors. ^_^


  1. love this! :D
    you have such a great blog!! i am now following you!


  2. Love red lacquer !!!
    I follow you now and I hope you follow me back so :)


  3. that's a very good shade of red. it would look great with lady bug nail art on top.

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  4. nothing beats red nails !!! thanks for liking the office deco your awesome cool new header your other header would always freeze my computer hahah

  5. @angela: Thanks! I am following you too! ^_^

    @Olesya & Kamila: Me too! ^_^

    @Oh To be Muse: it is! ^_^ necklace giveaway? right on!

    @Curves ahead Makeup: thank you! I have to do change the header because not only freeze your computer but mine too! ^_^

  6. Hi!!
    Your blog is rlly amazing :P
    I follow you !!
    i invite you to my blog :D
    see you

  7. @alexandra: hi Alexandra! Thanks for visiting my blog and left a sweet comment... I am following you too.. I wish your blog have translator on it.. and I wish I could read Polish.. ^__^

  8. Oh, I love red--it's perfect!!!



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