Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Moved To Wordpress

Because of recent disturbance with blogger and it will might happen soon, I am taking no chances and let my post or comments gone with the wind so I am moving to wordpress. I will be still writing from Blogger, but whatever I wrote here, wordpress will be my backup and so does all my lovely comments. ^__^

This is my wordpress adress:

My other blog:

I am so clueless about WordPress. My head spins. ^__^

Happy Reading!


  1. Oh nooooo! Don't leave us! Will you have a Google Friend Connect section so I can follow the blog?

  2. @Jhan: No worry! I will keep writing on blogger. It just recent disturbance causing some post missing.. freaking me out. So Wordpress is only a back up^__^ Unfortunately, the bad thing about wordpress, they don't have Google Friend Connect.. you have to subscribe by email..*ugh* you don't have to .. I am still blogger fan!

  3. That's actually a really good idea. I'm still confused as to how blogger said they were "restoring" all the posts and comments and then we haven't heard anything about the stuff that's still missing. *sigh*

  4. @An Irish Italian: yeah, I don't expect lost posts or comments to come back anyway.. it's good to make some backup. ^__^

  5. I tried WordPress too, it seems a bit difficult for me, but I know alot of bloggers use it. Good luck though! Glad you're not leaving blogger for good :)

  6. @Nicole: Thanks! Wordpress looks so professional though... and I want something fun and laid back like blogger.. easy to use.. ^_^

  7. Congrats on having Wordpress as a back up just in case. That was a long time that blogger was down

    I have a self-hosted Wordpress blog. I still keep my blogger blog up saying that I have moved to Wordpress.


  8. @JT Wisdom: Thanks! I will try to keep it up! ^_^


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