Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Eye Of the Day: I see Green

I like using green eyeshadow.. it is a color that I use less though but when I do , how it brings out my brown eyes nicely. hm.. should do more green..

This is very simple look. Of course, I don't want to hurt myself do something too complicated.. hehe^__^

This is what I used on my eye:

photo credit

Have a nice day!! ^__^


  1. I love green eyeshadow. I think I wear it even when nothing on me is green. You look stunning in it! And I love the new layout as well :) Cute

  2. @vintage Makeup: Thank you!

    @Rebecca: Thank you.. I am still looking a way to put more green in my look.. ^_^

  3. The green really brings out your skin tone :) you look good! isn't the scarf video amazing? hope you enjoyed watching it as much as i did,i was in total awe lol

  4. @Heartbreaker: Thank you so much! The scarf video is so amazing, I need to share it too.. Coolness! Thank for sharing it!! ^__^

  5. I love your blog! and what a lovely green eye look :))


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