Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bad Hair for SJP

(photo courtesy:MSN)

I don't understand after 6 seasons of Sex and The City, this hair do?!

I love the Fendi Clutch and Halston Heritage dress but hair...

I think she wants her hair to look like Laetitia Casta's hair in L'Oréal Elsève Volume Collagen commercial.

She should fire her hair stylist.. ^_^ agree?


  1. I love that SJP always pushes the style envelope, but I dont get this hair do.

  2. looks more like a hulu-hula lion in Bugs and Daffy Show...don't u think? hehehe..

  3. @Alyssa: she seems pushing the hair as well too much..^__^

    @Ati: hehehhe true!

  4. Lol what the heck is that on her head? hilarious :D


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