Saturday, April 23, 2011

Would you like 5 year old do your make up ?

I found this cute little girl from BellaSugar website. It seems she knows all the make up lingo and what powder is for what purpose. How cute! I bet she watch a lot of youtuber doing their make up and pick it up from there. Well, young brain are very easily to absorb. ^_^

I can't show it to you here because embedded was disabled but click here to go to her cute little make up tutorial.


  1. me too! probably I will wait for her to be 16 years old or something to applied liner to my eyes.. ^_^

  2. ♥ wonderful blog ♥

    come and see me;)

  3. I really enjoy your blog and have given you an award. :)

  4. @olesya: Thank you!

    @ Judith: Thank you for the award! I'm blushed ^-^

    @Dee.O : It is!! She knows her stuff ! ^_^

    @From Broadway: From 5 year old,I would say too! ^_^

  5. i checked out the video and she is so adorable. i think it's cute that she knows so much about makeup--i just hope she's not wearing any at her young age.

  6. @Cheryl: she is so adorable. I am sure she's not wearing any make up this time.. or that's what her mother assured.. hehe.. who knows? ^_^


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