Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thank you so much!

Thanks to lovely Fleur De Lyss, I've been awarded Kreativ Blogger Award! Yay!!

Now I will passing it down to my other lovely blogger and hope that this kind of award keep motivate people to blog more, as much as it motivate me to blog and share my thoughts to you. ❤

The rules are :

1. Write 10 things about yourself

2. Tag 10 blogger

3. Tell them about the award

10 things about me

1. I never cook a day in my life before moving to Finland and people think I can cook even before. A big compliment or just being polite? ^_^

2. I love games in FB. Yes, I am one of those pesky people who always post regarding games related rather than my own status which leads to..

3. I don't post daily status in FB unless I am trying to promote stuff. ^_^ I feel if I keep posting status, I would lost my surprise if I go back to my home town, Malaysia.

4. I hate exercising, I don't like sweating but I have to do it because I know it is good for my health.

5. I love chocolate so much I want to bath in to one like the fat kid in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.

6. I love the outrages of MTV Jersey Shore. I found them very fun to watch though I feel after season 1, they look like scripted. :(

7. I feel sometimes I have ADHD. I want to do everything and then I don't finish anything. --.--

8. I love painted nails, I feel pretty instantly. ^_^

9. I am clueless about winter fashion. As long as I covered with thick coat, I'm cool no matter how ridiculous I look. ^_^

10. As much as I love make up, I don't use lipstick. ^_^

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  1. thanks so much for giving me this award! :)

  2. Thanx girl for the award!!! :)

  3. Hi Sherry! Thank you so much! So sorry I've taken so long but I've finally done my follow up post! You can see it here

    Thank you!


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