Monday, April 18, 2011

Review -Tsuya Tsuya's Angel Eyes

I don't know what to describe it, it is not mascara but it helps thicken your mascara even further. It is very suitable for Asian eyes like mine or even short eyelashes. For me, it is a God sent! I love it! It comes with 2 application, Volumizing and Lengthening. You can buy just one of them.

You can read it more at : Tsuya Tsuya Angel Eyes.

My experience:

I love wearing false lashes and it amaze my that it is a very great mascara "helper". It really boost your mascara to the max!

It has fiber or hair like texture and it comes with mascara applicator.

The sales person sold me with their own mascara but it doesn't work for me so I just use my own mascara, which is Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express and later, I have gorgeous look alike false eyelashes!


The bad thing is applying it can be a hassle. If you don't like the hassle of putting mascara, this Tsuya Tsuya and put your mascara again and building it up until you satisfied, I think it's better to use false lashes.

It can look clumpy.

For me, I like the hassle and I like the nice clumpy-ness.

Look, how volume and lengthening it is!

comparison on only using mascara


  1. wow, those hair like fibers look kinda weird. but the results look great on your eyes--so nice product you've found!

  2. It is kinda weird at first..^_^ I am glad I found this. Thanks, Cheryl!

  3. There is definitely a difference b/w the two looks, but I don't think I would go through with it. It looks good on you, though. How long does it last?

  4. Thanks, Jhan. It last as long as you didn't remove it. Once I tried to sleep on it because I was so tired and the lashes still looks good. Though I don't do that after that because I hate to sleep with make up on.. even mascara.. ^_^

  5. very color how weird that it has little fiber hair !!but looks perfect on !!!

    thanks for all your support on my new blog your the sweetest miss Shareena

  6. Thanks, Kandie! ^_^ Keep posting on your new blog, I love decorating things too...^_^


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