Saturday, April 09, 2011

Review - H & M Nail Polish " Espresso Me"

I like my nail short and colored... I found out I can't stand having long nails though it does look nice when it colored.

My experience:

Who knew I'm going to love this?!! I got it for 1 €! Being a cheap hunter, I got nothing to lose and it really amaze me. The color is beautiful dark brown and I love dark colors for nail polish, I think my hands really compliments dark nail polishes.

The texture is really liquid almost like a water consistency. Some may hate it. I'm preferring this texture rather than thick texture.

It dries so fast and it remove so fast as well with my cheap ass nail polish remover. ^_^

What can I say, H & M nail polishes rock!

I've put some rhinestone as well. I've got it for free from BornPrettyStore, they always have free gifts under promotional gifts, check it out.

My nails look more alive with this bling-bling on it. Cute! ^_^

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