Saturday, April 30, 2011

Princess Catherine @ Duchess of Cambridge Wedding Make Up

photo courtesy

What do you think of her make up? With all that pressure to marry a Prince, I would think she would lay back and just let others do her make up. Apparently, she do it herself. I would say she is very very courageous! In the end, she looked stunning after all. ^_^ Some other blogger disappointed on her make up with 80's blush and black& silver smokey eye look but then I still give her credit for doing her own make up! ^_^ Self-Reliant Princess.


  1. She looked very pretty.

    Sadly I have to agree on the 80s blush, & also too much eyeliner, but nonetheless she did it herself!

  2. I think she looked lovely! And I like that she's a DIY kinda gal. : )



  3. DIY Princess! She is already beautiful so like there a term "whatever beautiful people wear, they always look beautiful" .. ^_^


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