Sunday, April 17, 2011

Nail Trend: Chipped Nail Polish

I was one of the people who hates chipped nail polish, it driving me insane! I would remove it and re-apply it but there's a trend going on about purposely getting chipped nail polish manicure.

It sound ridiculous to me, why would anyone go to manicurist to get perfect chipped nails? can't you just wait few days and the nail polish eventually chipped on it's own, like I do.

Perhaps I do sucked into the trend nowadays. I have to admit I just let it chipped for one day and I'll remove it. ^_^

Would you try it?

photo: Lady Gaga is wearing it ^_^

I am using Gosh - 085 Amber (review)


  1. I hate chipped nail polish as well. Mine always seems to peel off within the first few hours. That is why I rarely polish my fingernails these days, even though I would LOVE to.

  2. I let my nail polish chip away naturally. Although, I hate the look of it!;)

  3. Having nail polish sometimes refrain you from doing something normally; at least that's how I am. I will keep concern about my nails....
    I don't think anyone really chipped nails..

  4. I think the trend is pretty stupid. I don't see how clipped nails on purpose and paying for it is money well spent. But thats just my opinion. I just let it chip naturally but it does bug me when it does

  5. Yeahhhhhhh this is a trend I think I'd just have to let happen naturally. The idea of PAYING for a chipped manicure makes me cringe!! haha.

    So What If I Like Pretty Things

  6. I agree with Rebecca and Marie. Paying something to messed up your nails is too much.


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