Thursday, April 28, 2011

Make Up Trend: Spring 2011


I was reading Elle magazine and I love what they do with the blusher on the runaway which they called it "C" shaped blush.

It looks like this:

(photo courtesy)

So for the fun of it, I give it a try! ^_^. I will be trying to go with orange blusher like these models. Oh I wish I was that pretty to pull that off. ^-^ well.. no need for pathetic complaint. I love my face. ^-^

(photo courtesy)

Which one is better? With or Without red lips? I don't have orange lipstick. :(

For more on this trend, go here.


  1. aww..thanks dear, kamu juga cantik ;)

    following you ;)

  2. Very nice. I think I do this without even realising because a lot of the time I will use my blusher as a eye colour. :D

  3. I like nude lips better :D

    thanks for visiting my blog ^__^ hehe I don't know why you say your eyes look like monolids when I can clearly see your folds ^_~

  4. @Sarah: Terima Kasih, dear.. ^_^

    @ Kristy: Thanks! yeah? you are in trend now without you realizing it.

    @Frances: I think so too with nude lips. you can see my folds? hehe..just my imagination, perhaps.. ^-^ Thanks!

  5. i really like the C-shaped blush because it keeps the attention on ur eyes.

    very nice.


  6. @Red Lips, Black Hair: Thank you! You are gorgeous too! ^_^

    @Mosa Muse: It's true! It does keep attention on the eyes..I'm loving it! ^-^

  7. oh wow, i hadn't seen this before--the 'c' blush is really interesting!


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