Monday, April 11, 2011

Awwwww Kitty shirt!!!!

photo: vintage kitty design

photo: cute bird necklace

How cute is that?! A cute shirt with cute necklace. Perfect! ^_^ You can view more of their clothes and accessories by clicking on the link or click here Emmy Cubic. They have such a cute and elegant dresses and tops. *urgh* Do you think there's a rain that bring money? ^_^

I really need to make over my wardrobe. I am not 20's anymore. *sigh*


  1. oh i love the necklaces--super cute.

  2. That neck lace us the cutest !!! You don't have to change all your closet just something that you think are young good luck pretty girl

  3. oh to be muse: it is! so in love with it !

    Curves ahead: thanks! I love your fashion sense!! ^_^


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