Monday, March 14, 2011

When The Big Hmmm Coming

After more than a year in a relationship, I've often lost in words. I am not a good talker though I am considering myself a good listener. The point is, whenever my loved ones complaint about something or let his feelings flowing with either compassionate, enthusiatic or even frustration, I've often in a position of " I wish I could say something really smart or inspiring" but that never come.


I could say "I understand" along with nodding and squirting your eye a little to make it more sympathetic but that is not what I wanted to do sometimes. I wanted to say something to make him feel better or even happy after I said something but I will end up being silent and giving him a hug.


Perhaps I am over thinking it. Perhaps it is a good thing not to say something even you're intention are nice because you never know sometimes what comes out from your mouth will making it worse. (weheartit)

Action speaks louder than words but if I have one wish, I want to be a bit funnier. ^_^


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