Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Nintendo 3DS inspired

Today I'll be one of the curious nerd to go for launching Nintendo 3Ds at Club YK in Helsinki. I am curious how would they launch it and how many people will turn up because they given a reminder in email for people to come. So we'll see. The other thing why I want to go despite I will go alone (yes, I know, sucks) is because free food! /wahaha

Ok, move on to make up. I got this idea from Petrilude, Youtube make up guru. Mind me, I don't have original idea yet. Its still a learning process for me. This is his video.

He is using glittery eyeshadow but I am using shimmery green and blue- ish eyeshadow from Manly120 palette.

I've combine the two colors to make it similar to the one I saw in my bf's Pelit magazine.

Geek, right? I know. /blush

This is the finish look.

I hope you like it. /bye


  1. Really pretty! I love the green and blue together. :-)


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