Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rimmel I Love Fruities Lasting Finish Nail Polish

Ready for spring? Well.. at least my nails are. ^_^ This year beauty trend are all about being juicy fruity colors, bright fruity lips, bright make up and bright smile because after all darkness, colors are begging to come out and play! ^_^

I've got this for 3,50€ and the finish are ok. I actually need 2 coats of polish to make it nicer, usually if good nail polish, 2 coats are optional, but not this nail polish. It does have lemon scent when it dry, so I keep sniffing my nails as if I just scratch my ass and sniff it. (eeeww.. I know)
but I really love the scent! Definitely up to it words. ^_^. It dried fast enough, I usually make sure I have tons of time to do nails even it said dried 60 second, I just don't buy it.

I just got one nail polish first, I always buy one items to try, it's avoid having a feeling of regret if the product sucks. ^_^

it does smells like lemon!

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