Monday, February 21, 2011

Rambling Of The Day:

When Vanity Is In Low Battery

The older I get, I know one thing for sure. It is so easy to be peace with others, estranged friends and irritated family members, well, you can't choose who is your family, right?
But I really find hard time to find peace with myself.
There's always a little big head person within me criticized everything I am.

"my hair looks dull"

"fuck, I have muffin tops"

"my thigh is big like elephant !"

"my face is hedioussssss"

so, usually if I have this unpeaceful thinking about meself, I will fight it with pampering myself!

"my hair looks dull" -- I will do freakin' hair treatment, put serum and straighten it with straightener or curl it with curler and definitely I feel pretty.

"fuck, I have muffin tops" --- stop using tight pants. It is pretty useless to dwell on something that I can basically change one thing. work out? of course you will suggest that but I come to peaceful mind that I love food, I am enjoying my culturally greasy fatty foods because I don't eat it everyday anyway, so fuck it.

"my thigh is big like elephant!" -- Big thigh means big ass. I have a FAT ASS, most people will surgically want big asses but I have McD FAT on my ASS naturally.

"my face is hedioussssss"--- that's what make up are for.

So that's my short term solution for my unpeaceful thinking. For Long term solution, you really need will power, seriously super will power to accept and love exactly how you look. If you are thinking that I will say something philosophical like " God makes us equal, all beautiful and all grace, be grateful that we have every thing perfectly normal than others who are unfortunate",

you are wrong. WRONGGG. Please go to library or bookstore near you and search under "self-help" sections, Thank you. If you are in Kinokuniya Bookstore, Kuala Lumpur, please go to section near the counter. Thank you.

If you are peace with yourself, please enlighten me.

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  1. I am NOT at peace with myself at all, but i'm too lazy to work on it. I think at some point I'd REALLY get tired of it and then make a change. In the mean time... this is me, and I have to deal with it. Great post!


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