Monday, January 24, 2011


Shave me head? Done (when I was 17)
Shave me legs? Never (I'm pretty lucky I don't have much hair there)
Shave me armpits? today ( Goddamn for expensive price in Helsinki, I would rather wax it)
Shave me FACE?!

Seriously, according to Marilyn Monroe not Marilyn Manson ( I won't be surprise if he shave other parts as well ^-^ ) and Elizabeth Taylor shaved their face.

"On good authority (that being Elizabeth Taylor’s personal cosmetic dermatologist, whom Somerville used to assist), the greats (those being Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe) shaved their faces for completely bare skin and an added dose of exfoliation."

Care to try? I found this article through
Hmm... even though hair grow back darker is total myth but you never know.. you wake up next morning and found yourself look like a monkey...:
Anyhow, it is interesting to know.
Talking about shaving, I like this shaving gel rather than shaving foam. I couldn't see anything when I'm using foam.

This is RSFU shaving gel. I was hooked with the line "See Where You Shave". ;)
But I recommend it or I recommend any gel based shaving. For me, it's nicer.
RSFU means
Riksförbundet för Sexuell Upplysning (the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education.
It last quite long because it is in big tube unless you shave everyday or you require to shave because you are Playboy model.
No offence, I think they are totally gorgeous.

This is from to show what style can you do...great huh?



  1. Helsinki huh? That's totally cool! I've wanted to go there. My Dad spent 2 years there, on a church mission. He gave me my nickname from the Finish language. I love your blogging!

  2. you should come in summer. everything looks so much in summer anyway you go ...:) but winter is such a depressing time...:(

  3. wow! i never know..miahahaha...thanks though on the information.. :)

  4. Macam2 style boleh wat! kat KL RM99 je.. semua style ade! ^_^


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