Friday, January 28, 2011

Purple Again?!!

Today I'm doing another make up look using Manly 120 palette. Seriously, for first few month, I feel regret to buy the palette because it is too powdery and some of the colors are not very pigmented.

Whoever have 120 palette, do you think there's a different between Sedora and Manly?
Whatever it is, I managed to do lovely look with this powdery palette, just by using white eyeliner underneath. I know some people already knew the answer and I wish I could know earlier before I decided to give it away. *phew* I didn't give it away. ^_^~

I love doing bright colors in the midst of dark and cold winter. The other reason is, my camera sucks. If I do really nice brown shadows or natural, the camera will flash it and it become just white or invisible on my lids. *ugh*


  1. Beautiful. I couldn't pull off that much purple, but you do it wonderfully.


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  3. Love the eyeshadow, I wish I knew how to do that! I just wanted to welcome you to FTLOB! It's a great place to meet new friends! I hope to see you around there soon. ♥ BJ


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