Monday, January 31, 2011

A Pink Day

Since it is winter, my laziness of going out for a stroll is out of the question and looking outside today, I noticed a very beautiful colored pink sky. I am not sure if it is showed in below image but in real life, it really looks pink.

It could be freaky if there's any clouds look likes Hello Kitty ^_~ or am I missing a memo about Hello Kitty Day?

Have a nice pink day!


  1. Wow, what a beautiful sky!! Your photo captures it well, though I know from my own experience that they never do the true colors justice. What a great way to start the day!

  2. Thank you! It is a good way to start any girls day. I wonder how guys feel? :D

  3. Oh that is gorgeous! Thank you for posting such a great pic!
    Much Love,


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