Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Too Much Info? 

Have u watch makeup tutorial in youtube and when you follow/subscribe to one channel.. It was educational and helpful at first...but sooner or later it get "personal". What I mean by personal is, to show the whole world where you lived, what are you wearing today/tomorrow/ yesterday or even next year, and show everyone which one is your house key..  It's too much for me... maybe it just me being paranoid, but I rather be paranoid and safe than too spontaneous and get stalked. Perhaps these girls want to be stalked. This is not Sharing is caring... this is sharing and please stalk me... err.. 

Anyway..about being too much info.. a friend of mine posted a picture in facebook...which stated clearly his bank card number ... from a receipt.. I know that person want to show the whole world how much money they spend on food in so called restaurant..but can that person at least erased that card number? I'm the one who actually worried about it! Whats give? yes yes I know you'll say, "the receipt usually contain 4 last digits, no harm done" is that so? tell me how it is not dangerous ...

There's no more the term "mysterious" nowadays. Is it good or bad? 

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