Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Have you tried diet? I never agree with dieting. I do agree with workouts butttt... diet is important, unfortunately. I am confused. I always confused about eating healthy. The best way is I just keep eating what I want to eat... lessen chocolates and eat more veggie. 

I watched this documentary about kids who hates to eat or only eat one thing every day and it reminds me of myself when I was younger. I was pretty skinny, even my parents called me "somalia" because of my skinniness. I only eat one thing, Indo Instant Noodles. My parents even bought a 24 packets of noodles for me every month. I hate to eat vegetables, I do not like to eat rice and fish will make me vomit. I do eat rice..but not much. I only eat rice with gravy that comes along every dish. I'm happy with it and I am happy that my parents didn't actually force me to eat. They simply let me be. It is turns out alright because now I  love to eat! I guess I am a fussy eater before. 

Oh yes, my sister will visit me here!!! ohh yay!! A few days before, I dream of my sister visit me here and the next day, she emailed me that she will visit me in Sept!! how cool is that?!! Practically, my dream comes true!! Prophecy dream perhaps.. ? 

Regarding my journey to fitness... I want to challenge myself how far would I go...I do miss my gym time... though it was an automatic motivation because everyone in the gym strive to look good..and it rubs on me..ta for now! 

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