Sunday, July 04, 2010

Row Row Row your boat

I went boating yesterday. It was fun.. super fun. I feel like titanic.. no.. I wouldn't like to be on Titanic.. that's  different. It was beautiful scenery. So beautiful I couldn't catch my breath. It would be obvious or dumb observations but gosh, there's a lot of water... if I kept thinking about it, I would fear about it. I can't swim and the only thing on my back of my mind was "oh geezz... what if I drown?" 
Anyhow... I had Miami Vice moment.. :-)  

We're stopped at one of the island... and take a quick nap there... yes, nap in the middle of heat. Of course everyone there is delightful to get some color on their skin but if anyone saw me there, they bet their asses that I am Asian because only Asian cover themselves in the sun. :-) plus, I don't need more color on me. I've been ridicule most of my childhood for being too dark.
It is an Asian thing. fair skin= pretty. dark skin = ugly. simple. Though when I get older, I prefer my own skin color. Just keep it clean.

Perhaps the heat does have a bit effect on me. I had headache. It's all good now. I can't wait to go boating again or perhaps fishing?. One thing I can't shake about beautiful scenery is, I love the feeling that I am part of a beautiful painting. 

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