Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Problems and Addictions

*sigh* After all this time, it only took one click to enable blogger compose again...:) silly me.
For 3 days, I had a problem for not be able to compose anything because somehow I accidently click "edit html" and it just stay loading for 3 days... if you have the same problem as I do, just go to Settings - Basic - under Global setting click "old editor".
Sharing is caring and Oversharing is scary.

I am officially addicted to nintendo Professor Layton´s series. It have very good puzzles. It can make you feel super smart or super dumb. Nothing in between. The person who did this is genius. I guess he loves puzzle so much, his brain is like a huge maze. It does makes me want to use my brain. Really. How many time do you use your brain? Now, because of doing puzzles, I have come to the conclusion that I don´t use my brain as much as I thought I would. Not to say I am getting smarter, but you can say enlightment.:-) It can make you feel down to earth as well.
I guess gaming is a good thing... even if you are shooting zombies. It concentrate on your focus level...or just bloody shoot zombies...either how you see it.

If you like puzzles and good mystery story plot. This is exactly what you will love!

Enough of the games. My laptop isn´t in good condition. It is always in overheating mode and shut itself a few times in a day. My bf laptop open most of the time and it doesn´t shut down... and I thought open the laptop too long can explode the laptop.<<<>
My bf is trying to save it. I hope he does. If he can´t save it, I have to accept it. I am grateful for this laptop to serve me for as long as I want it to be. Thank you, my dear lappie...

Between electricity and water, which one is the most important?
After having an experiences throughout my life, I would say water. Of course it is.

First experience -- Desa View Tower.
No water for 2 or 3 months. My family need to bring at least 4 buckets of water each day to 8th floor ( no lifts as well )and had to shower using minimal of 1 litre of water.. rest of it need to wash clothes and wash the dishes. I was pretty thin of because of that "exercise".

second experiences - Kelantan.
I was in this program in university and we went to Kelantan and stayed at one of army barracks. In one dorm, 10 girls in it and limited water as well. There is water but not a clean one. You can say a muddy water. For 3 days, I have to wash myself in muddy water and bottled water I bought. After 3 days, I stink more than a skunk and worshipped small bottle of cologne.

third experience- Finland
Apparently, there is plumbing construction undergo in this building and they reap everything related to water. Fortunately, when it is done, we have clean tap water to drink and shower. The only realisation for me of putting water is important is the washing machine is not working. Piles of dirty clothes are waiting in que to get wash. It driving me crazy. Thank God for public washing machine.

There you have it. You need water.

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