Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I Don't Want A Miss A Thing

urgh. Don't ask if I have fun.. because somehow that question really irritates me. Don't comment " you missed it so much that you didn't go" because somehow it irritate me as well.. I know I didn't go , I couldn't go and for God sake, please stop commenting on everything I post.. it really irritates me as well.. Even though I am far but I can sense something, I have a very good instinct. Seriously, you think I want to missed it?! If I have money now, I would buy her and her husband a fucking plane tickets and sponsor her fucking honeymoon to here!  So, anyone is happy.. especially me, of course. because, I can slur dirty fucking joke in my language. I miss that. 

I do get annoyed of short notice. I am easily annoyed now. My PMS perhaps? or  my head is almost blowing up into tiny bits of pieces because I am a fucking lazy bum and I hate the fact that I don't have sense of detachment.  Can I run? I did that. Can I hide? It pretty much childish. Can I disappear like Houdini? I am not magician. Can I take a dump? If nature calls.  

I am almost there... almost. Bile sampai masa nye...aku akan tahu... 

please do not comment or ask me if I'm ok.. it irritates me even more. Somethings are better leave unsaid and let me keep my maze head in peace...ok? ok. 

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