Saturday, July 03, 2010


Blog problem... don't know why but it is pain in the ass.
World Cup update: Brazil lost to Netherlands. Surprise? yes. a bit.
Anyhow, I wanted to eat doughnuts today but I am much more want to make it myself than buying it so I've checked my ingredients and as usual, you always runs out one ingredient and it is usually an important ingredient. Dry yeast. So I begin to search doughnuts without yeast and I found one Jewish recipe. It is Mini Doughnuts. I give it a try because I have all the ingredients.

and the results..

It looks festive with icing sugar... everything looks festive whenever icing sugar on top of it...;)
It is supposedly to be Jewish holiday foods but who cares! It is good... and easy to make!


1 cup - flour
1 1/2 tsp - baking powder
1/2 tsp - salt
2 tbsp - cream cheese
2 tbsp- yogurt
Vanilla sugar - put as much as you want! It always smells sooooooooo gooooodd
2 tbsp- sugar
1 egg

1. Mix eggs and sugar. Add remaining ingredients. Mix it well.
2. Spoonful it into hot oil and fry it.
3. Serve with icing sugar or ice cream if you want!! yumm..yumm..

It is like cucur manis.. :-)

Selamat Makan!

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