Saturday, June 12, 2010

wind is mad today or perhaps wind is too excited. i went outside and i can feel the wind can lift a tree. I got my blog back after gmail disabled it yesterday because of "funny activities" that happen in my emails. It is a spam that I'm involuntary involve in.

Past is past and no need to bitch about it.

Since I moved to very very very far away land, I have begin learning about making food. Mostly because I do not have my mom cook it for me and I am feeling under the weather if I don't eat rice. I am Malay and I need rice. No need to argue. You can take me out of Malaysia but not Malaysia out of me.

Learning process is fun. I had burned the food, too sweet, too salty and everything in between. Thankfully, Malay food isn't hard to learn. It just sometimes you need a lot of ingredients to remember.

Asian shops is only available in Helsinki. *bummer* so I really need to plan what to eat. Because of Malay food consume much chili paste, I can say I am in love with chili paste I bought from this one asian shop.

I love the taste and I love how to perfectly cook the sambal. *drool* I will not start to mumbling about making food. I am not ready yet. Perhaps I will make a blog. For sure it is beginner friendly. I am beginner as well and as a beginner, you always want to find a very easy way.

Til next time!

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