Thursday, June 24, 2010

 Sharing Paring..

Wow... I never thought I would post so much in one day. 
well when you have a lot of things to share, just share it. Sharing is caring ...
I hope I'm not over-sharing. we'll see.. if I starting to post a picture of me eating bread and stated  "I'm eating bread at this-this place", please bitch slap me. 

it is midsummer tomorrow and usually the Finns celebrate it and they celebrate it hard.
So hard I think none of them remember what year it is. Though I have been told that some of the culture involving running naked around the bushes to find suitors but I am thinking that it is nice to run around naked when most of the year are cold. So, why don't take the clothes off! :D gatal..:) 

I am looking forward tomorrow cause there will be birthday parties as well.. 

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