Saturday, June 19, 2010

I watched Sex and The City 2 with Anna yesterday. Guilty as charge! 
You can't deny the clothes. People said it was too much even for the clothes on them but personally, I love it. It's colorful and silky. I wish my skin wore that kind of textile. 

I didn't notice this before but I really begin to be interested in patterns. Like wallpaper on my wall now. Who doesn't? everyone loves patterns, right? It really make me happy to see colorful patterns. There is one brand in Finland named Marimekko and I used to ignore it before but they have boutique in Helsinki and they have fabolous patterns dresses! I think that would be the first thing i will buy when I get my own hard earn money. 

No need to ask me about SATC 2. I just look at the clothes/ shoes. sorry. The plot is the same, funny women issue we have to deal with for the rest of our lives. That is exactly why I love totally fictional or fantasy. Detach from real world and not to remind you about how fucked up life can be in a movie. We are living in a movie. No need to watch it again except if they have lovely shoes and clothes. At least for me. 

End of the day, I had a very nice night out with Anna and I feel myself again. Just what I needed. 

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