Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I am making chocolate muffin today! guilty pleasure or I would say "craving".
I'm baking straight from the muffin mix. It is easier and cheaper if you adding all the ingredients into one shopping bag. Beside, I'm the only person who will eat it. My bf doesn't like sweet things. ( I'm the only sweet things he will ever needs *wink* wink* )
He eats chocolate but not as obsessively as I do. :-)

I guess most girls love sweet things.  Tell me WHO doesn't like it? minus the girls who are obsessing with diets. Hey, even my diet consist of chocolate milk! :-) and girls who have bad teeth and been ban to eat chocolate! nooooooooooooo....my teeth hurts when I ate Tupla though of course Tupla is chocolate bar and as if I will sworn off any other chocolatey stuff. I am eating chocolate muffin for lunch today!

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