Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Today is hot (not Paris Hilton's That's hot; sungguh gatal). Weather is hot. A bee flying inside the house and my plants aren't getting perkier. *sigh* It is a beautiful day nevertheless!

World Cup update : Yesterday Brazil vs Chile. Brazil won 3- 0. Isn't that a bit predictable? anyway, it doesn't matter but at least Chile could score at least 1 goal. What am I saying? Suddenly, I'm talking about football. A game that basically 11 multiple 2 = 22 balls (assume all of the player still have 2 balls) chasing 1 ball. It is a season where people suddenly crazy about football or I would say gambling.

Stop about football.

I am searching for language course currently and deciding to search maybe some new friends or should I? The truth to be told that I am a loner. I like being alone. I found being alone equal to expanding my mind. Contradict of what other people would say. You need to talk to others or listen to other perspectives to expand your mind. I didn't say it is wrong. It is my way of doing things. Actually come to think of it, there isn't any right or wrong in this world. It depends on society morals and values. 
I am a confuse girl. I'm sometimes ask question that people would purposely said back to me "you don't believe in anything". It's how they normally answer questions that are offensive.

My friend Hayanee is joining the blog world. I am sure she will please to indulge the eternity of bullshitting anything and everything in her mind. That's what I am doing at least. 
I am trying to include something useful once in awhile. 

World cup update : Japan lose over a penalty. well..  banzaii Japan then! 


  1. wahhhhh...nama aku disebut-sebut!!as been mention by you bout the 22 balls, so on brazilnye part aku kene be very-very good on balls handlingla ye..kekkeke... aku prefer kaka and luis fabiano kot..hahahhahah

  2. hahahahhah!! gatal abisss!!!! yes I knew u going to say you love 'em balls!!!


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