Friday, May 28, 2010

Tears Coming

I am not a dog person but I just watched a dog move "Hachiko" and I can feel my chest pounding and my tears can't stop flowing. It doesn't matter whether you are a dog person or not but to watch something so loyal and yet so touching it could make any dog phobia like myself cried.

Hachiko is based on real-life dog name Hachi (means eight in Japanese). Every day Hachi will wait for his master, Prof. Dr. Eisaburo Ueno at Shibuya Station to greet him. They have this routine every day until May 1925 when the prof died at the university. Even so, Hachi still waiting for his master exact place and exact time every day for 9 years until Hachi died on March 1934. Hachiko statues are build at Shibuya station to symbolize loyalty.

The statues at Shibuya Station

The real Hachiko

The movie version 2009

Another dog movie that made me pulled out my towel from my bag and shared my tears with my friends in the movie was "Marley and Me". It is also tear jerking and touching movie for the world worse dog. It is also based on real story by journalist, John Grogan.


  1. mmg sedeyh dowh cite nie..aku tgk cite nie 2 bulan lepas ar...aku sanggup tgk skali je,teringat kat kucing aku 'jojo' bile tgk cite nie..:-((((

  2. mana satu? Marley and me ke Hachiko?


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