Sunday, May 09, 2010

Here and there

Finally after waiting for almost a month, I finally reach to fridge land.
It was pretty scary on the plane. Only 4 hours in flight, there’s a slightly turbulence and no matter how tired I was I couldn’t sleep like a princess the whole flight.
Who does anyway?
I get pretty conscious about people sitting behind me if I put my seat a bit lower, it will hit their heads or their groin. Consider much?
The best thing about the flight is the in-flight entertainment. Avatar and Sherlock Holmes was in the entertainment!
I watched Avatar for 20 minutes and I snoozed. No matter how good people telling the movie is, I just don’t feel like watching it. Call me slow but I don’t give a crap about being left out.

It is spring now. It feels like autumn with all the rain and misty winds though it is nice weather when it wants to. Perhaps it is the best spring ever, at least for me.
I received the biggest surprise ever and it feels like a dream.
Whenever I look on my finger, it’s real alright.

A start of new beginning.

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