Friday, April 30, 2010

Eradicate Child Labour


Stop child labor through stop buying chocolate.
It will be hard cause I love chocolate but because of this cause and because
I need to trim my waistline, STOP BUYING CHOCOLATE.

Go to this website

and sign the petition.

It is sad to see child to work where they suppose to play and study in school. Use their imagination and be leader of the future.

If you're a Malaysian, there's UNICEF and they will automatically deduct your donation from your saving account or credit cards. You can donate online as well through

I'm not sure whether you like the idea or not, but if you just feeling philanthropic that day, do it to any orphanage house or any organization that support children welfare.

Even there's a rumor all the time that this big organization is keeping the money at least 60% for themselves, but as long as the people who donate it sincerely want to donate to these children, I am strongly believe that these "thief" will get what they deserve.

Life is too short to live for yourself.

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