Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cake (again?)

I am making chocolate cake (again). The reason why I making chocolate cake is because I want the chocolate batter! I don't care much about when it coming out from the oven, I just want the batter. It taste soooo good. I know it is not good for my health, but still, only once...(riighht).

I was thinking that I have cocoa powder and other ingredient so why not! Though I am very much determine after this I will only buy grocery if I want to cook something that day. I feel I wasted so much money by buying stuff that I will use after 2 months and perhaps when I want to use it, it's expired! *bummer*

I love cake batter, especially and only chocolate batter since my mom used to made cake whenever Raya season. oh my... I love whenever she mix the ingredients in the mixer and my finger start crawling into the batter when the mixer stop. *loveely*

I know for some people, it will gross them out but I think I am useful in this cake baking process because I will clean out very much the mixer bowl..nothing left, only my finger print all over the bowl. so the conclusion is I like it raw, babeh!! If you wondering whether I bake the cake, I do. I am not as gross as you think I am...
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